Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church was built in 1949 and is dedicated to Brother Joseph Dutton.

Blessed Sacrament was a mission of the Morrisville Catholic Church for 50 years. Mass was celebrated in the local town hall basement until, at the urging of Maria von Trapp, ground was broken in 1948 to construct the present church building.

Completed in 1949, the church began as a simple wooden structure to serve the needs of a small congregation. It was later transformed by the French liturgical artist, André Girard, into an artistic treasure.  It is a historic church.  For several generations it has reflected the deep religious faith of its congregation, and expressed pride in Stowe’s heroic son, Brother Dutton.  Through its many restoration efforts, Blessed Sacrament has preserved an important aspect of Vermont heritage and maintained the spirit of its own mission in a way that is still relevant and meaningful today.  



The art and history of Blessed Sacrament Church art is captured in the beautifully illustrated book “Painting on Light”. The book, written by Josephine Belloso, details the restoration of 36 windows and 12 exterior panels. Stowe publisher Desktop Miracles, Barry Kerrigan/Del LeMond, produced the book.

Thee book is available for purchase online or at the church office for a $50 donation to the Art Restoration Fund.